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Top 10 Tourist Attractions to Visit Outside Phnom Penh

After having visited Phnom Penh Capital, you may want to visit the touristic areas of Phnom Penh Vicinity.

Here are the top 10 touristic attractions around Phnom Penh where you should not missed. You can enjoy different places with different view and types. Lets take a look what are they, and how far from the city?

No. Top 10 Touristic Places to Visit Around Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia What to see? Distance from Phnom Penh (Km)
1 Vihear Suor Khmer Villages, Khmer Traditional Games 50 Km
2 Chamka Pring (Soun Soben) Garden, Near Somrong Andet Pagoda 12 Km
3 Prasat Vimean Sour & Prasat Tomea Sothea Reproduction of Angkor Temple 15 Km
4 Killing Fields Khmer Rouge Genocide Memorial 15 Km
5 Kien Svay Resting Place on Mekong River 20 Km
6 Phnom Baset Pagoda, Lying Buddha, Hill, Forest 25 Km
7 Tonle Bati Rest Area on Tonle Bati Lake 35 Km
8 Phnom Tamao Hill, Pagoda, Zoo 39 Km
9 Udong (Phnom Preah Reach Troap) King's & Buddha Stupas, Pagoda  40 Km
10 Amper Phnom Rest Area on River, Pagoda, Elephant Ride 40 Km


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