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459 days ago
អច្ឆរិយភាពនៃមហាប្រាសាទអង្គរវត្ត តើមហាប្រាសាទអង្គរវត្តដែលជាសម្បត្តិ បេតិកភណ្ឌពិភពលោកដ៏មហស្ចារ្យនេះមាន ភាពអច្ឆរិយៈអ្វីខ្លះ?ខាងក្រោមនេះជាពត៌មាន និងសំណួរចំលើយ សំខាន់ៗទាក់ទងនឹងមហាប្រាសាទអង្គរវត្ត ដែលជាបេះ...

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What is the Shape of Angkor Tower?

Did you know what is the shape of Angkor Tower?    

Khmer Ancestors were very clever, they could create some art styles by quoting the shapes from the nature such as                  the shape of Angkor Tower is quoted from the shape of Lotus and the shapes of some other art styles of bas-relief, some decorated borders around the monuments, Angkor or buildings are quoted  from the shapes of Fire, Pka Chan, Pnhi Teh, Pnhi Voir (These three flowers are kinds of Khmer flowers) and so on.

Lotus is great in meaning and it is a special offering to Gods and Buddha.
Lotus growing from mud, but finally it is quite useful for many things; it is eatable, good smell and it is loved widely.
Lotus represents a good oriented people who can develop themselves successfully and gloriously.

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