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Top 6 Dating Application in Asia

Top 6 Dating Application in Asia 

Different country in Asia try to develop dating application for use in their countries and also for general use in Asia.
For providing the platform for all singles to easily contact each other on the application on mobile phone.So, it is now easy to date people online in Asia. There are 6 dating application that you need to know.
It will be an easy way to  make new friends and it is now better than ever before.

Which application of which country would you like to choose to use? You can now download app. to install and use.

No. App. Name App. Information Developed by Website URL
1 Paktor Singapore-made app.
Paktor is probably the most well-known Tinder alternative in the region.
There are chat functions when you and that special someone hit it off.
There is also a group chat.
The app has recently undergone a redesign and has added a bunch of new filters like age, job, and height, as well as an auto-translation function for multilingual flirting.
Paktor is available on iOS and Android
Singapore https://www.gopaktor.com
2 Noonswoon Thailand-made app. is aimed at busy people who don’t want to spend too much time looking for a significant other.
Every day at noon (get it?)
Aunt who calls you up every day trying to fix you up with one of her friends’ sons or daughters.
You go to the private chatroom to further discuss things.
After that, it’s up to you to make your date swoon over you.
Noonswoon is available for iOS and Android.
Thailand https://noonswoonapp.com
3 Mat & Minah Mat & Minah (Malay slang for “young man” and “young woman”) is an app out of Singapore
Targeting Malay/Muslim men and women who are looking to socialize in a “private and safe manner.”
Mat & Minah doesn’t take you and your chosen one to a private chatroom until you have both liked each other.
The app is available on iOS and Android.
Malaysia http://www.matnminah.com/
4 Peekawoo Philippines-made app. Peekawoo.
The app eschews the typical assertive nature of most mainstream dating apps for a more female-friendly approach.
The app asks you to fill in your preferences and offer some information about yourself, and then sets up a questionnaire for other users to reply to.
If the other person gets the right answers to three out of five questions, it’s a match, and you can take it private.
Peekawoo is available on iOS and Android.
Philippines http://peekawoo.com/
5 LunchClick Singapore-made app. LunchClick
LunchClick comes from the folks who brought you Love Out Loud Asia, which deliciously acronyms to LOLA.
LunchClick doesn’t go for that cute stunt, but otherwise offers a lot of similar services.
It suggests a possible match for you daily at noon.
After mutual interest is established, it’s on to the dating.
LunchClick employs “love assistants” who offer dating advice and help match your profile to other similar ones.
LunchClick is available on iOS and Android.
Singapore http://www.lunchclick.co/
6 Woo India-made app. Woo
Woo aiming to enable lasting relationships.
It does this by matching you with people who have as many things in common with you as possible.
Common acquaintances via Facebook can even play matchmaker for you and your potential love interest by bringing you together in the app.
Woo turns the concept of Tinder on its head – literally: you swipe down for a person you like and up if you’re not interested.
Woo is available for iOS and Android.
India http://www.getwoo.at/


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