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Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World

Asia and Europe are now on the run of operating the fastest high speed trains in the world.
Railway-technology.com lists the top ten fastest trains currently in service.

1. Shanghai Maglev
Shanghai Maglev tops the list with its maximum operational speed of 430km/h and average speed of 251kmph. The Maglev started commercial operations in April 2004.


2. Harmony CRH 380A
Harmony CRH 380A, with maximum operational speed of 380kmph, is currently the second fastest operating train in the world.

3. AGV Italo
AGV Italo is the first train in the AGV Series which entered into service in April 2012. It has a maximum operational speed of 360kmph.

4. Siemens Velaro E / AVS 103
Velaro E, designated as AVE S 103 in Spain, is the fastest series-production high-speed train in the world. It achieved a whopping speed of about 400kmph during its test trips in Spain.

5. Talgo 350 (T350)
Talgo 350, which initially entered service with the name RENFE AVE Class 10, achieved a maximum speed of 365kmph during its trial run. The train has a maximum operational speed of 350kmph.

6. E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa
E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa trains, which entered service in March 2011, with an initial maximum speed of 300km now run on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line with a maximum operating speed of 320kmph.

7. Alstom Euroduplex
Alstom-built Euroduplex is the third generation of TGV Duplex, which entered service in December 2011. The trains in the series are touted to be the only double-decker, interoperable high-speed trains capable of running on European networks at 320kmph.

8.TGV Duplex
TGV Duplex was manufactured from 1996-2004. They are operated by SNCF and were manufactured by Alstom and Bombardier. The trains can reach maximum speeds of 300kmph to 320kmph.

9. ETR 500 Frecciarossa Trains
Elettro Treno Rapido 500 (ETR 500) Frecciarossa trains entered into service in 2008. The trains are designed for a maximum speed of 360kmph and currently run at 300kmph on high speed lines.

10. THSR 700T
The THSR 700T operates on the high-speed line between Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan. It operates at a speed of 300kmph reducing the journey time between the two cities from four hours to just 90 minutes.


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