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Top 10 Khmer Blogger Websites

There are many people blog for everything they want to blog and want to share to the world about Cambodian Society. Khmer Bloggers are in the growing number now. Here are top 10 websites you can take a look at what they have bring you every corner of the society and what they want to share based on their preference or interest. You will also know who is the owner of that blogs. Please visit their websites, or you want to have your own blog.

No. Name of Owner Sex Name of Blog Website Addresses Tag Line
1 Phin Santel M Khmer Bird http://khmerbird.com Not available
2 Chak Sopheap F Sopheapfocus http://sopheapfocus.com/ Riding the wave of change in Cambodia
3 Keo Kounila F Blue Lady Blog http://www.blueladyblog.com/ It's not just another Cambodia blog
4 Bun Tharum M ThaRum http://tharum.com/blog/ The Cambodia Daily goes online
5 Meas Sambath F SAMBATH MEAS' BLOG http://sambathmeas.blogspot.com/ I am treasure. I am gold.
6 Seng Sophan M Sophanseng.info http://www.sophanseng.info/ Critical Thinking Inspired
7 Vong Socheata F Socheata Vong http://socheata.com/ Not available
8 Bon Sovathary F Cambodian Daughter http://duckorino.blogspot.com/ Not available
9 Khiev Kosal M Spoken Kosal http://spokenkosal.com/blog/ Not available
10 Chap Chetra M Chetra Chap's Inside http://chetrachap.wordpress.com/ Everything a perfectionist has to share

 There are many more Cambodian blogger who have use their blog to share information to the world.


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