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Lowest price website developing companies in Cambodia

There are many website developing companies and you want to have your own website and you are thinking of how much will you spend for such a website. Here are top 10 website developing companies that provide the lowest price for the website development.


No. Company Name or Developer Website Address Charge/US$
1 Itech http://www.itech-kh.com/ 99
2 Serving Web http://www.servingweb.com/ 99
3 Kwin Inc. http://www.kwin.com.kh/ 99
4 WebBest Group http://www.webbestgroup.com/ 100
5 CamWebTech http://www.camwebtech.com/ 160
6 My Cam Web http://www.mycamweb.com/ 163
7 BN Consult IT Solution http://www.bnckh.com 199
8 IT Smart Website Solution http://www.it-smart.biz/ 199
9 CamFirst Technologies Co., Ltd. http://www.camfirst.com.kh 200
10 Green Web Solution http://greenwebsolution.net 250

If you want to know more detail please visit their website for more detail information to see how each company is different from the other company and the qualities of each company.

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