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Mobile Phone Company with largest number of phone lines in Cambodia

You want to call to your friends or customers and you want to reduce the cost in calling cross network from one phone company to another one. The point is that in the growing business now a day, many companies have established many phone lines and you do not know which line is belong to which phone company and you do not know which company has the largest phone lines in Cambodia. Here are those phone companies with their lines in business.

Before you make a call please check here at My Best Summary website and you will save cost if you call within the network or call to the lines under the same company name.

No. Name Mobile Company Lines # of Lines
1 CamGSM Company-Mobitel - CellCard 012, 017, 077, 078, 089, 092, 095,  7 Lines
2 Smart Company 010, 069, 070, 086, 093, 096, 098, 7 Lines
3 Beeline Company 060, 066, 067, 068, 090, 5 Lines
4 CamShin Company (Mfone) 011, 061, 076, 085, 099,   5 Lines
5 Hello Company 015, 016, 081, 087, 4 Lines
6 CadCom QB  013, 080, 083, 084 4 Lines
7 MetFone Company 023, 088, 097, 3 Lines

The information was collected and updated by December 2012. There will be more lines be introduced in the near future if the company see there is a need to do so. Please keep update for the next coming month.

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