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434 days ago
១៤ប្រទេសមានច្បាប់ឲ្យមនុស្ស ស្រឡាញ់ភេទដូចគ្នា ខាងក្រោមនេះគឺជាប្រទេសទាំង១៤ដែលបាន អនុម័តច្បាប់ ឲ្យមានអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍សម្រាប់ក្រុមមនុស្ស ស្រឡាញ់ភេទដូចគ្នាដោយរាប់ពីប្រទេសទើបអនុម័តថ្មីៗ។ ...

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The Meaning of Valentine’s Day


On the 14th of February, they celebrate St Valentine’s Day. This day is understood as a day of love, romance and lovers, but few people know what the day really commemorates. Because the meaning is not clear, some people are confused and believe they need to have a partner for that day or even preferably have sex.

Others, even adolescents and children, are pushed to give a flower to a friend without really understanding the meaning of that gesture. This can create confused feelings and sometimes even big disappointment when the young person does not receive a flower from another person.

So, it seems important to come back to the origin of this feast: St Valentine is indeed the saint connected with love and lovers but because he paid with his life for his defense of that love: In the 3rd century, the Roman Emperor Claudius noticed that his troops were losing courage during battles: soldiers did not want to leave their fiancées or their wives to go off to war. So the emperor decided to annual all marriages and engagements. For Valentine, a Christian priest, this offence to love was unacceptable. He started secretly marrying partners who loved each other. But defying the emperor could not last long. Valentine was arrested, sent to jail and questioned at length. He was so convincing that the emperor almost agreed with him… but war does not wait and Valentine was finally executed.

Therefore, St Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating Love in its highest meaning: the love of people who want to commit to share life together and the love St Valentine who gave up his life for sake of Love.

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