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WORDS OF WISDOM1.    “WE ARE WHAT WE THINK.”(Buddha)2.    “Thinking is the ultimate human resource; the quality of our future will depend entirely on our thinking.”(Edward de Bono)

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Top 10 reasons to hire a Certified Matchmaker

Top 10 reasons to hire a Matchmaker

Here are some good reasons to hire a matchmaker:

1. You are a workaholic
2. You have limited access to potential partners
3. You have unrealistic expectations
4. You have a tendency to make unwise partner choices
5. You usually choose unavailable partners
6. You view potential partners through marriage eyes
7. You are socially awkward or a bit shy
8. You find it hard to go on a date after a divorce
9. You are looking for a long term relationship
10. You just think that love is a little too complicated

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The Company run by the First Cambodian to be certified by Matchmaking Institute, New York, USA as Certified Matchmaker

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