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740 days ago
WORDS OF WISDOM1.    “WE ARE WHAT WE THINK.”(Buddha)2.    “Thinking is the ultimate human resource; the quality of our future will depend entirely on our thinking.”(Edward de Bono)

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10 Ways To Be Happy

10 Ways To Be Happy

1. Accept the things you can't change. If you can and want to change them, do it.
2. Let go of the people who are holding you down. If you considered them, you already know who these people are.
3. Blast your favorite upbeat song and sing at the top of your lungs, dancing as you go.

4. Go for a run. A nice, long run. Run until you feel good; at the very least, you'll be tired enough that the feelings will seem less major.
5. Call someone you love. Just hearing their voice can make your day better.
6. Smile at a stranger. It will make both of you smile.
7. Send an anonymous compliment.
8. Write down everything you don't like about yourself. Rip it up. Burn it.
9. Watch your favorite movie.
10. Realize that you are your own biggest critic. People do not see the faults in yourself that you do. So realize that they are not faults, not imperfections. They make you, you.

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