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Current Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Phnom Penh Capital

Current Tallest Buildings in Phnom Penh Capital

Here are the top 10 tallest building in use and in operations. These ranking numbers are not included the other tallest buildings that are under construction now. These are the temporary tallest buildings at the moment.


No. Current Tallest Buildings in Phnom Penh Capital Number of Floors Status
1 Canadia Tower 32 Completed
2 Rose Condos 28 Completed
3 Phnom Penh Tower 22 Completed
4 Mekong View Tower 20 Completed
5 Mekong Condominium 18 Completed
6 De castle Diamond 18 Completed
7 Gold 1 15 Completed
8 Phnom Penh International University 15 Completed
9 The Sky Apartment 15 Completed
10 Inter-Continental Hotels & Resorts 15 Completed




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