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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is My Best Summary (MBS)?

My Best Summary (MBS) – is the hub of the summaries of important, useful information and news collected worldwide from our highly educated researcher group. The summaries especially focus on the vital information and news of the daily life activities and interests of the people in Cambodia.

The summaries are mainly focusing on five main categories: 1) Business, 2) Technology & Media, 3) Tourism, 4) Real Estates and 5) Society.

At the same time visitors or users of My Best Summary can post classified advertisements which is ranging from announcement, buy and sell, rent, normal business products and services to medium and large business or companies activities according to each categories or business related sectors. So, all visitors who have registered as members of My Best Summary can post their advertisement for Free of Charge (FoC).

Q: What are the difference between My Best Summary and Other E-commerce websites?

With My Best Summary you will be able to know and to learn more information about important summaries around the world especially the summaries that have been collected and researched for a period of time and you need not to do research by yourself because our researchers have done it for you already. You can obtain the top and main important summaries on the related business sectors or field of your interests and in addition to that you will also know the top and latest market summaries in Cambodia where you cannot find them in any other E-commerce websites.

Q: Why should I visit and use My Best Summary (MBS) website?

Because you do not need to go anywhere else, with My Best Summary you have All in One website, all products and services were available for sale and buy in here and at the same time you have all the most and top important summarized information around the world and especially in Cambodia. They are included the top summary of all Market Information that affect your daily life and your decision making. So use My Best Summary as your best place to identify the lowest or the highest, the top or the bottom, the cheapest or the most expensive, the smallest or the largest of anything that related to business, products or services and all other general issues.

Q: How do I join and become user of My Best Summary (MBS)?

All you need to do is to click Register on the top right hand side under the Advertiser Login find the word Register and then the User Registration Form pop up then you need to complete the information in the required field then you can click register. The message was sent to your mail box for you to verify your account to prevent from spam mail.

After you click activate your account from the link in your mail box, right after that you can use your user name and pass word that you have provided in the registration process and then you can Login as other normal user. This is the time that you can post to your advertisement on the related categories of your products or service on the related select drop down then you follow the field required step by step until you finally save your posting information.

Q: What are the advantages of using My Best Summary (MBC) website?

Whether you are visitors or our members, you are all can get the benefits from our website with the last updated information related to the most and top summary from every aspects of business, society technology, media, real estate, tourism and all other sectors. You can know more about new products and services and events, and the Best Summary never ever prepared or summarized in Cambodia. One of the most important benefits for Individual or Business Entities is that they can post Advertisement or Announcement for Free of Charge (FoC).

Q: Who are the visitors or users of My Best Summary (MBS) website?

All people around the world who want to know about Cambodia and the people of Cambodia, especially All the Best Summary never ever prepared or summarized in Cambodia. It is believe that Millions of visitors will visit our websites and many thousands of users will take benefits from the free advertising in the website. The point is that why they come to My Best Summary? It is because they do not want to waste their time to do research on what that have been researched and share in this website already. So visitors will visit again and again before they go on to any other websites because there are more and more Best Summary articles will be posted by our experience researchers group and news and information posted by our registered users. Please do not forget to tell your friends to visit our website if they have not known about it, I they have visit our website they will learn something.

Q: How can I contact for my banner advertisement on My Best Summary (MBS) website?

There are difference banner sizes placing on difference places in our website, you can selected any one place that you want to put your advertisement to announce to all visitors in our site. The price will be difference from one place to another and it is in according to your allocated budget and it is with a reasonable price. Please contact My Best Summary now for more detail information or quotation.

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