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Book Centers with the most branches in CambodiaThere are many book centers and book shops in Cambodia.How many book centers and book shop did you know?Which book centers have the most branches in Camb...

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MFIs with high interest rate per year

Which Micro Finance Institution (MFIs) that provide highest fixed interest rate per year?
If you have some money left over and want to deposit with some of Micro Finance Institutions,

you will thinking of deposit with any Micro Finance that provide you with a very high interest rate for your fixed or term deposit for one year.
Here are these Micro Finance Institutions.

No.    Name of Micro Finance Institutions                    Interest Rate Per Year (US$)
1    Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)                                                     8.70%
2    PRASAC MFI Ltd. (PRASAC)                                                           8%
3    AMRET Microfinance Institution (AMRET)                                     7.50%
4    SATHAPANA Limited (SATHAPANA)                                               7.50%
5    Angkor Mikroheranhvatho (Kampuchea) Co. Ltd (AMK)            7%
6    CBIRD Microfinace (CBIRD)                                                           7%
7    VisionFund (Cambodia) (VisionFund)                                          7%

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