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My Best Summary is the hub of the summaries of important, useful information and news collected worldwide from our highly educated researcher group. The summaries especially focus on the vital information and news of the daily life activities and interests of the people in Cambodia.
The summaries are mainly focusing on five main categories: 1) Business, 2) Technology & Media, 3) Tourism, 4) Real Estates and 5) Society.
In My Best Summary, there are two main parts for posting news and advertisement area. One part is for My Best Summary Research Group’s posting important summaries information and another part is for visitors or users to post classified advertisements which is ranging from announcement, buy and sell, rent, normal business products and services to medium and large business or companies activities according to each categories or business related sectors. So, all visitors who have registered as members of My Best Summary can post their advertisement for free. 
My Best Summary is not only the hub of important and useful information and news, but also the special place or school for any kind of students or researchers who wish to improve their knowledge and to get some related information from this place for their decision making in their daily life.
We do hope that this website can greatly share visitors and users a lot of advantages for their knowledge and business activities. It is also the best place to obtain the update of the top and best summarized market information in Cambodia. 
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